Maurice Heerdink: Searching for Inspiration

Kartenhaus – music video by Strehmann & Heerdink

Making the painting: De Vliet 2018

The book: The Art of Maurice Heerdink

Guest in “Uit De Kast” radio interview  2019-03-16 (Dutch)

Making the painting: Await what’s coming

Interview  between Ronny Strehmann & Maurice Heerdink 2018 (German)

Free – music video by Strehmann & Heerdink

Strehmann’ Legende album short trailer – nr 1- by Strehmann-Heerdink

Opening speech by Maurice Heerdink in Museum Soest 2016 – english

Illuminated Bodies- an artist a model a painting – a docu.

The Gift – a dance video

The Falconry paintings

The Theatre Portraits



Sold Works 1

Sold Works 2

The Mayas

Making the painting: The Minotaur

He just stood there – the Zombie

Interview about the book: The Art Of Maurice Heerdink,  in bookstore Vrolijk in Amsterdam 05-2015 (Dutch)

Guest interview in Pink Terrorists Radio Amsterdam 2015-04-15 (Dutch)

Impression of Pink Terrorists Studio Amsterdam 2015-04-15 (with own composition Quiet) 

Opening  by actrice Sacha Bulthuis of the Maurice Heerdink exhibition in Het Westfries Museum in Hoorn 2006 (Dutch)

Opening Speech by Maurice Heerdink at his exhibition in Het Westfries Museum in Hoorn 2006 (Dutch)

Playful Eroticism – 1997 docu (english subtitles)

Art Box: The Twenty Dreams (20 erotic drawings)

The Mathilde Willink portraits

Guest interview in: De Realiteit MVS Radio Amsterdam, 1996 (Dutch)